night watchers

eternally chainedEternally Chained: Night Watchers
By Candace Sams
Genre: Paranormal Romance - vampires
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Release Date: TBD


During World War II, Sean Reilly accepts vampirism when he's mortally wounded. For him, that great conflict never ends when he sees his lover—a French resistance operative—killed. Almost seven decades later, one lesson is still cemented in his heart. Emotion has no place in the life of an undercover crime fighter. Working for the secretive Night Watch organization in contemporary Ireland, Sean prides himself on controlling his passions; never letting them interfere with his duty. His resolve can't be compromised...until he's sent to change a dying Los Angeles cop into a vampire and train her as an agent.


"How do you think you ran so far in just a few minutes, Morgan? How do you think you got over the wall so easily? And how the bloody hell do you think you were able to knock down a creature with many times more strength than a human? It would take someone with special powers—the powers of a vampire."

"I...I'm not like them. If I am, then you should have let me die," she gasped.

Sean pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger and tried again. "I told you. They're rogues. They look like they do because they've been eating the flesh of other vampires. They're pure evil. They made the choice to be the way they are," he insisted. "They sometimes even eat humans if they can't find something they like better--like a changeling. They never had to live like this...they've chosen to." When this didn't sink in, he tried again. "When you change, you'll look like I do right now. You'll have glowing eyes and elongated won't be like..." he let his words trail away. She didn't seem capable of listening. Morgan was shaking so badly she couldn't move or speak. He was aware of her shock; it filtered through his senses like a jackhammer. For a moment, he felt compassion, but quickly tamped it down. "Come on. We need to get back to the compound before your little playmates get the nerve to try again. I'll have someone ferret that bunch out and destroy them before they ravage the countryside." When Sean took several steps away and Morgan didn't move, he turned back. "Morgan?" he prompted.

All she did was stare at him.

Sean put his hands on either side of her face. The posture effectively trapped her against the standing stone. "I'm sorry. But this is the way it is. If you can't deal with it, Morgan, you can always stay outside and let the sun come up on you. I've seen it happen and the cries of agony left me with the impression it isn't a particularly pleasant way for a vampire to leave this life. But that's your other choice. It's the same choice you made when you and your partner broke through the door of that warehouse and you took the bullets from those drug runners. Now...what do you want to do?" The words had been softly but firmly spoken.


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