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night watchers
Sean Reilly
Dublin, Ireland

Sean Reilly was born in the last century, in a remote northern Irish fishing village. When his family died, he lived with a relative near Dublin and academically excelled in languages. While later teaching at an exclusive private boy's academy, he was recruited by the Night Watch agency. Mortally wounded during World War II while spying for the Allies, he accepted vampirism. Sean is currently one of the agency's top operatives and works from a secret facility near Dublin, Ireland.

Agent Reilly's choice of weapon: The Celtic broadsword and any silver-coated object currently within the Night Watch arsenal...proficiency rating: Excellent!

night watchers
Morgan Grady,
Night Watch Agency

Morgan Grady was a decorated Los Angeles police officer. This recent Night Watch recruit was shot during a drug raid and died in an L.A. hospital. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she has accepted vampirism and is currently working as an undercover agent with the Night Watch group. She is currently assigned to work with Sean Reilly in Ireland, at an undisclosed location.

Agent Grady's choice of weapon: Mini-crossbow...proficiency rating: Marksman, needs improving. Hand-to-hand combat skill rating: Outstanding! Comment: Recruit shows excellent skills in the martial arts, especially Non-Shaolin Kung Fu. Does need work in the area of interpersonal relationships.

night watchers
Skord Shorner

Skord Shorner was an agent with the Night Watch organization. Currently, he owns a string of pubs across Europe. He spends his time managing one establishment called Thor's Hammer in Dublin. At Sean Reilly's specific request, he'll work on cases as a freelancer, but has adamantly refused to rejoin the agency. Because of his status as 'former agent', and in the hope he'll renew his association with the organization, he's allowed to assist Agent Reilly. But only with Fergus MacArtan's personal permission. On the agent roster, Shorner is officially listed as 'on requested leave'.

Choice of weapon: Almost exclusively the Scottish Claymore. Shorner is an excellent boxer and street fighter. He's particularly fond of tracking down former Nazi war criminals and their allies. His size alone makes him a formidable adversary.

night watchers
Chalyce Duncan

Chalyce Duncan is a local agent. She's considered a most reliable and loyal operative to Fergus MacArtan, founder of the agency. Agent Duncan is currently assigned to locating certain magical artifacts which are deemed too dangerous for circulation. One artifact which eludes her to date, a particularly dangerous object, was lost while in Skord Shorner's possession. Agent Duncan has a brother who was considered vital to the operation. Since the 1800's, however, her sibling has been considered 'missing in action'. There is no information as to his whereabouts, or why he disappeared.

Choice of weapon: Agent Duncan is proficient with any weapon in the Night Watchers arsenal, but excels in the area of covert operations. Her work as a spy for the Allies during WWII was invaluable. She is the recipient of numerous agency awards.

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